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The Kansas Mental Health Coalition (KMHC) is a collaborative organization of numerous non-profit organizations, agencies and individuals representing consumers, families, and providers dedicated to improving the lives of Kansans with mental illness.  Read more.

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Sine Die Concludes - Veto Messages - Articles of Interest

(June 26, 2017) The Legislature returned to Topeka for Sine Die, the ceremonial last day of the 2017 Legislative Session. 

There were no veto override efforts.  House Minority Leader Jim Ward, D-Wichita, hoped to override Governor Brownback's line item veto of a budget proviso that prohibited HCBS waiver integration, but the Senate met and adjourned quickly.  There did not appear to be enough House members present to be successful and the Senate had met and adjourned very quickly.

"I would make the motion to override the governor's veto, but our friends in the Senate had other engagements," Ward said. "Standing up for the disabled and mentally ill in Kansas wasn't on their agenda today, and they've gone home. It would be an exercise in futility, but it would be the right thing to do."

Jason Probst (D-Hutchinson) was sworn in to replace Patsy Terrell, who passed away suddenly during the veto session. 

John Wilson (D-Lawrence) announced his retirement from the House - saying that his young family and career needed his attention.  Said Wilson, "Now is actually a really great time to be in the Legislature. It's just not a really great time for me." 

Governor Brownback vetoed Sub for HB 2313 – the lottery vending machine bill that included funding for certified clubhouse programs and crisis stabilization centers.  While the Kansas Mental Health Coalition has no position regarding the authorization of lottery vending machines, the Coalition supports these two important programs that have proven outcomes benefiting people with mental illness and substance abuse issues. 

The lottery vending machines were to be a designated funding source for the Crisis Intervention Act (Sub for H 2053) and the certified clubhouse programs.  The clubhouse programs previously suffered a veto as part of the Medicaid Expansion Act - HB 2044.  The Governor directs the community mental health centers to create a pilot program for clubhouse programs from their resources in his veto message.  Read the Governor’s Veto message.

Language in HB 2002, the budget bill, provided for additional funding for community mental health centers and lapsed a portion if the lottery bill was adopted.

Governor Brownback also vetoed two provisions of the budget bill – both relating to the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.  Read more.

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